How will I transition to the new version of Career Services? What changed?

We decided to redesign and improve the end-of-course experience for students. Students who are currently enrolled in Career Services will automatically be migrated over the new version of Career Services. All migrated students will receive 6 additional weeks in Career Services and 6 additional Career Coach sessions!

The new version of Career Services includes the following:

  1. Career Services now lasts up to 24 weeks instead of 12 weeks.
  2. We’ve increased the number of coaching sessions from 12 to 18. Any unused sessions left at the end of the 24 weeks will expire immediately.
  3.  Our brand new in-house curriculum has been designed to provide ongoing weekly learning so that students can continue building industry-relevant knowledge, polish presentation skills, and create amazing applications. 
  4. We’ve added the job-tracking tool called Huntr to help students track all the job opportunities. 
  5. We've replaced roadmap planning and progress reports with embedded monthly checkpoints into the curriculum.
  6. We’ve created a dedicated #career-services channel in UX Academy Slack. 
  7. We’ve updated our course policies to match these changes to the program. You’ll be able to review these while going through the onboarding steps in the new Career Services.