Do you have any tips on time management during UXA?

Learning how to best manage your time will help you stay on track with your course and produce your best work.

We recommend taking time at the beginning of each week to see what the week’s course material looks like, and plan on budgeting time accordingly. Keeping an up-to-date calendar (either online or a physical calendar) will help you visualize your time and keep track of mentor sessions and group critiques. Keep in mind that some work (like user interviews and usability testing) can’t be done alone at home, so make sure you’re allocating time appropriately.

Pay attention to when you work best: if you find you feel most creative at night, plan on doing most of your visual design work then. Get to know your learning style, and experiment to see what works best for you.

Consider using task management tools and techniques like pomodoro timers and bullet journaling. By deliberately scheduling and constraining tasks to a determined time frame, you can reduce procrastination and feel better about the time you spend working.

You can also reduce the time spent on some tasks. Speed up videos when you are comfortable with what you are viewing. This chrome browser extension let's you speed up HTML5 videos, even if the video player doesn't have the option.

Additionally, learning the keyboard shortcuts in Figma, Sketch, and all other programs will make you much quicker inside of these applications due to having everything at your fingertips!