How does scheduling sessions with my mentor work?

When your short course begins and you log on to the Designlab learning platform for the first time, you’ll go through a brief series of onboarding messages introducing you to how things work.

After those messages, the system will invite you to book a regular slot for sessions with your mentor. The options displayed are based on the availability that your mentor has entered in the system.

Once you’ve made these initial bookings, you’ll be able to see all your sessions in the Dashboard (the screen you land on when you log in to the platform). From the Dashboard, you can request to cancel and reschedule individual sessions.

Please note that if you cancel a session less than 24 hours beforehand, that session will be forfeited and you won’t be able to reschedule it.

Here are what the different scheduling statuses in the Dashboard mean:

  • Confirmed: this session is booked and your mentor is expecting you.
  • Canceled: this session was canceled and can be rescheduled.
  • Forfeited: this session was canceled less than 24 hours beforehand, and can’t be rescheduled.
  • Pending: a time has been proposed for this session, and we’re waiting to hear back from your mentor.

If you’re having difficulty scheduling sessions with your mentor—either because you can’t match your schedules, or because your mentor is being slow to response—please let us know and we’ll help to resolve the situation.