I’m not getting along with my short course mentor. Can I be assigned a new one?

We’re all humans and we understand that sometimes we just don’t click. It may be on a personal level, in terms of how we see the world, or when it comes to whether we’re able to work effectively together.

If you’ve just been assigned a mentor and feel like they might not be a good match, we’d encourage you to make sure you schedule and attend your first mentor call anyway. Sometimes experiences can surprise us, and you might find that you can learn from one another in ways you didn’t expect.

We’d also encourage you to communicate to your mentor what you’re looking to get out of the experience. Mentors are often able to adjust their approach to meet your needs. However, if you’ve tried communicating and are still feeling unhappy with your mentor at any point after that first call, we can switch you to an alternative. Please note that this might take a few days, as we take care to consider time zones and matching interests when pairing students and mentors.

If you’d like to request a change of mentor, just let us know here.