I need to take some time off, what should I do with my students?

If you are planning to be away from the platform for more than 1 week, please let us know as early as possible.

For your time away, let your students know the dates you’d be away for and offer two options:

  • Take a break with you, we can extend their graduation dates according to your plan
  • Switch and work with a different mentor

The first option is always preferred, as it provides a more seamless experience for your students, but we will always honor the students’ desire to graduate on time and switch them to different mentors.

Once you’ve confirmed with students, email us the list of students that would be impacted by your time away and their choice for next steps, we will help you process these requests.

Also consider continue mentoring your students during your time away, we have many mentors who do this and find remote working working out nicely!