How does the deposit work? Do you offer discounts or payment plans?


If you're accepted, you'll put down a $399 deposit before the course starts. You'll pay off the balance either up-front, or in monthly payments, starting on the first day of the course. The deposit is applied toward the total cost of the course. 

Discounts & Payment Plans

We offer discounts off of UX Academy for every short course you take with Designlab. All students who take Design 101 as a prerequisite for UX Academy receive this discount. 

  • Design 101 discount: $400
  • Other Designlab course discount: $150

We also offer 6 or 10 month payment plans if you do not want to pay up-front. 10 month payment plans are only available to part-time students. You will be able to choose your payment plan options in our pre-course survey. The survey is sent out 1-2 weeks before the start of the course.