How do I apply to UX Academy? Are there any prerequisites for the program?

Course Prerequisites

We accept a limited number of students per cohort. We evaluate applicants to UX Academy based on the following prerequisites:

  • Our Design 101 course (see note below) or previous visual design experience
  • Commitment to the program
  • Strong English language skills: interacting with students, mentors and Designlab staff is a huge part of our program, so all applicants should be able to communicate effectively with others.

Since the program is very rigorous, we've found that these background requirements help us admit students with the greatest chance of success. In addition, we want to ensure that students are committed to the program and are prepared to budget 20 or 40 hours per week on coursework. Being selective with admissions helps us build a thriving community of enthusiastic students and mentors.

Students who take Design 101 prior to UX Academy will receive a Design 101 discount of $400.

Design 101 or Previous Design Experience

Previous Design Experience Requirements

UX Academy is a rigorous program, and it's critical that incoming students are prepared with a foundational level of visual design skills before entering the course.  Based on past student performance, we've seen that this is the best way to ensure successful program outcomes. If you are submitting previous design work, please submit either web or app design work. If you do not have work to show, please complete this design exercise and submit it with your application. 

A brief rubric of skills we look for: 


  • Use of typography is clear and consistent within projects and appropriately diverse across projects

Color Theory

  • Employs color within schemes (mood boards, palettes, etc.)
  • Applies color from schemes somewhat consistently

Visual Hierarchy

  • Understands and consistently applies visual hierarchy principles such as alignment, size, contrast, proximity and white space in a correct way

For students taking Design 101:

Once you complete Design 101, your progress in the course will be evaluated. We’ll be checking that you completed all coursework, attended your sessions, and made steps forward in your design skills.

If we are concerned about your progress in Design 101, we will give you steps to improve your work. If this happens, your enrollment in UX Academy may be pushed to the following cohort.

Strongly Recommended: Introduction Video

If English is not your first language, you are required to submit an application video. 

Since so much of the course revolves around interacting with your mentors and peers through online video sessions, we’d like to get a feel for your communication skills, and your background and goals. Submit a short video introducing yourself, why you want to be a part of UX Academy, and what you hope to do after completing the course. :)

How to Record your Introduction Video

Try to keep your video under 3 minutes. Upload the final video to YouTube and submit a link to the video in your application. If you don’t want other people to find your video, you can mark it as unlisted, however it’s important that you do not mark the video ‘private’ or disallow embedding or we won't be able to see it!

When recording, try to speak just as you would in a normal conversation, you don’t need to worry about a script. Please leave out fancy editing, music and screenshots. We don't want to focus on your editing skills - we are interested in you! Before you submit the video, playback your recording to make sure the sound is clear - we want to be able to hear what you are saying! 

Before You Apply

  1. Check out and confirm that the program fits your goals.
  2. Make sure you meet the stated course prerequisites.
  3. Check out 5 Ways To Create A Winning UX Academy Application
  4. Strongly Recommended: Prep a short 3-minute video introducing yourself, and upload it to Youtube. Have the link handy when you get to our application form.


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