What kind of job support do you offer for UX Academy students?

When you complete Phase 2 of UX Academy, you'll begin Phase 3 of the program: Career Services, where we pair you with a Designlab Career Coach to help guide you through your job search.

The Career Coach serves as a mentor to assist you during the job-searching process.These coaches either have hiring experience in their backgrounds, or they’ve had a really fantastic track record with getting jobs at different well-known companies.

You'll kick off by conducting a skills assessment of where you stand at the end of the course, identifying any gaps and opportunities for improvement. You'll conduct 18 sessions with your Career Coach, working together to help you find success.

Here's how the Career Coach can help:

Finding Job Opportunities

  • The Career Coach will help you look for additional roles that seem like a good fit, based on your stated interests and goals

Ongoing Skills Development

  • Finding additional project work to continue building your portfolio
  • Providing feedback as you improve your skills and fill gaps in your resume

Feedback + Interview Prep

  • Mock interviews
  • Portfolio/case study/resume review from 
  • Interview prep and coaching

Overall, we want to make sure you are aware of the opportunities out there, and that you have the resources and guidance you need to successfully capitalize on those opportunities!

Please note, if your city is not currently on our list of cities that are eligible for our tuition guarantee, we promise to provide you with the same level of support and guidance that we would for any student applying for jobs on our current list of approved cities.