What will I learn in the Branding course?

You'll learn about core business fundamentals that go into understanding and creating a brand identity (putting together an elevator pitch, executive summary, competitive analysis, and a marketing strategy). 

You'll practice sketching brand concepts, evolving and iterating on your sketches, and converting them into digital designs. You'll practice making typography and color choices, and learn about how those decisions can impact the brand identity you're creating.

Throughout this course, you'll be working on creating a new brand identity for a brand of your choice. As the final project in this course, you'll create a detailed brand guide that explains your logo, color and typography choices, and depicts usage of brand marks in various formats.

Here's an example of some past student work.

By the end of the course, you'll be equipped to do logo and brand identity work with startups, clients, or on your own projects.

You can read more about the format of the course here.