What if My Mentor Isn’t a Good Fit?


While we put as much effort as we can into making your mentor a great fit the first time around, we understand that sometimes, a pairing can seem like a great choice in theory, but there might be a disconnect in practice. 


However, it’s also important not to judge a book by its cover, so to speak. If you’ve been placed with a mentor that you don’t think will be suitable for you, we ask students to allow for a two-week grace period. We’ve found that sometimes, a partnership that doesn’t seem perfect at first can transition into a really satisfying working relationship for both parties over a short period of time. 


We encourage students to keep in mind that just because a mentor’s portfolio is aesthetically different from their own goals, it doesn’t mean that a mentor won’t be able to meaningfully assess your work and support you through your learning journey. All of our mentors have a holistic understanding of the UX/UI process, and will still have a full scope of knowledge and expertise, which will ultimately help you to grow into a well-rounded and versatile designer yourself. 


We always want to encourage students who may be struggling with their mentorship to be upfront, not only with us, but with their mentor as well. Perhaps you’re finding the feedback isn’t as thorough as you may have expected, or that you feel your mentor is being a bit too harsh in their approach to your work. If so, feel that you can speak to your mentor about these concerns. Also, keep in mind that you can come prepared with specific questions, discussion points, and topics of interest to your sessions. Feel free to take the reins, and direct your time with your mentor towards what is most important to you. 


Students should always feel that they can directly but respectfully use radical candor to bring these discrepancies to their mentor’s attention, and have a transparent conversation about their preferences. Our mentors are very open to hearing what students have to say, and are always willing to adjust their approach to help accommodate individual needs. 


However, if after two weeks you still feel things haven’t improved, we encourage students to let us know, and we’ll work to match you with a new mentor. We hold our mentorship program to an extremely high standard, and want all of our students to have the highest quality of experience possible.