Can I take a break between Foundations and UX Academy? What about my credit, will it expire?

You can take a break between finishing UXA Foundations and UX Academy! Students don't need to move right from finishing the prerequisite into the full bootcamp, and are welcome to take a short breaker of only a month or two, or a pause that is longer in length. 


If you do choose to take a more extended break between UXA Foundations and UX Academy, such as longer than six months, we may ask you to complete a quick design challenge as part of your application. This will be a free UI-based assessment that's geared towards ensuring your skillset is still at the forefront of your mind before entering into the full bootcamp program. 


One good thing to note is that regardless of the length of time you take in-between Foundations and UX Academy, your $500 tuition credit from Foundations won't expire. There's no set time on utilizing the credit, and it will be accessible to you regardless of whether or not you choose to enter right into UX Academy after Foundations, or take a break in between!