I have previous design experience but don't have a portfolio of design work to use towards the UXA Foundations course waiver. What should I do?

UX Academy is a selective course and we need to make sure you have some experience with basic visual design before you enter the program. 

While we do highly value candidates from different design backgrounds, if you haven’t previously produced wireframes and images of website or app designs, you will need to enroll in and complete our UXA Foundations prerequisite course.

It’s an excellent way to expand your existing design knowledge into the realm of digital design skills. Your previous experience will no doubt help you navigate the course and complete it to a high standard.

Once you've finished your final UXA Foundations project, you'll be ready to use it in your application for UX Academy. 

Enroll in UXA Foundations today to start your journey into the field of UX/UI design!