How do your payment plans work?

We offer two tuition options for UX Academy: $5,999 paid up front, or $6,399 paid in monthly installments. For both options, admitted students need to make a $399 refundable deposit to save their spot in the program, and the next payment is due on their cohort's start date.

Students in the full-time track can select a 6-month payment plan, and students in the part-time track can select either 6-month or 10-month payment plans.

As an example, a 10-month payment plan would look like this: $6,399 (total tuition) - $399 (deposit) = $6,000 (balance), split into 10 payments of $600 with the first payment due on the cohort start date.

If you take Design 101 first, we'll apply a $400 discount by subtracting it from the balance before calculating your next payment(s).